Between the life-changing proposal and the “I do’s,” there’s always a period of a lot of searching and planning and booking causing a unique stress to brides to be.

Regardless of where you are in your wedding planning process we are here to help.

Whether you have recently engaged but you have no idea where to start your wedding planning, or maybe you started planning and you are getting overwhelmed by all of the work, or even you have always dreamed of a beautiful perfect wedding with the entire decor, flowers etc. presented perfectly, but need someone to make it all happen.

From coordinating vendors, to selecting the ideal live band, to assisting with menu we are your supporters and partners throughout the whole planning process.  This will offer you the time to take care of the fun parts of your wedding, knowing that you have the ideal team here by your side to guide you.

Weddings Abroad

Have you been always dreaming your wedding on a beautiful island with blue skies, romantic sunsets and the sea breeze blowing your hair? Well we can help you make your dream come true. Greece is one of the most unforgettable wedding destination and a paradise ready to be discovered. We can plan, design and coordinate your wedding in any location you wish in Greece.


weddings abroad