Meet the Girls

About Photini

Photini is definitely the quieter of the two. She won’t be the first to tell you about her long yearly experience in planning amazing events! She is dedicated to finding innovative, unique solutions for each event she designs. She is also like an obsessed detective searching out details and solving problems. Her wealth of experience and creativity are evident in everything she does. She brings a boutique sensibility to creating one-of-a-kind events.


About Kay

Energy and enthusiasm personified. Kay’s ability to connect with people is unlike anything, from our clients to our different vendors. She’s dynamic, smart and savvy. Incredible to work with, creates an enthusiasm within her presence which is hard not to catch. Because of her passion, her understanding of project management and how to make, she twists the rules of creativity. Kay is always a believer on the “experience” factor at our events and online media.