IMG_1023Last Thursday 18/05 we got around to celebrate the opening of M2quare new showroom in an appropriate fashion.

The store was transformed for the opening party, the design included pathway lines throughout the show room leading the way to various products and functions of the event like the photo wall, the live jazz band and the sweet table.

Cocktails where shaken, bites and photos were taken, and inspiring words were spread by the Mayor of Strovolos Mr. Papacharalambous.

Here are some impressions of a fabulous evening with clients, partners and friends.

IMG_0538IMG_0561IMG_0567IMG_0574IMG_0576IMG_0580IMG_0582IMG_0591IMG_0593IMG_0594IMG_0597IMG_0598IMG_0600IMG_0610IMG_0612IMG_0614IMG_0619IMG_0621IMG_0622IMG_0627IMG_0630IMG_0633IMG_0635IMG_0637IMG_0643IMG_0649IMG_0653IMG_0669IMG_0675IMG_0679IMG_0681IMG_0686IMG_0704IMG_0722IMG_0733IMG_0741IMG_0746IMG_0748IMG_0757IMG_0769IMG_0774IMG_0776IMG_0792IMG_0797IMG_0805IMG_0816IMG_0836IMG_0845IMG_0884 IMG_0893IMG_0894IMG_0898IMG_0899IMG_0904IMG_0905IMG_0907IMG_0911IMG_0914IMG_0916IMG_0919IMG_0922IMG_0924IMG_0926IMG_0929IMG_0934IMG_0937IMG_0939IMG_0944IMG_0955IMG_0960IMG_0970IMG_0974IMG_0979IMG_0982IMG_0990IMG_0992IMG_0995IMG_0999IMG_1007IMG_1009IMG_1010IMG_1012IMG_1015IMG_1017IMG_1019IMG_1023IMG_1029IMG_1032IMG_1035IMG_1041IMG_1044IMG_1055IMG_1057

The Team:

Planning & Design by Champagne & Strawberries

Media & PR by Cal Creative Communication

Catering & Cocktails by Zorbas

Sweets by Milko

Flowers by Floralink Floral Creations

Entertainment by Turnaround Quartet Jazz Band

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