Glam by the sea!

This year, K. Treppides & Co Ltd  celebrated 30 years in business with a special event on the September 30th 2015.

In honor of this milestone, they wanted to recognize the relationships and events that have contributed to their growth and success over these passing years.

This one-of-a-kind event included a wide variety of special guests, glamour and inspired performances.

Sailors Rest in Limassol was selected to accommodate the event based on the beautiful scenery and ambiance and of course because it matched the style of the event as our client has envisioned.

The main elements of the concept were the glass and the mirror and for the floral design we have selected white peonies.

The guests enjoyed a rich, VIP glamorous cocktail party along with the sounds of the Fortissimo band, which we considered to be ideal for the occasion. The female electric string band impressed everyone with their innovative approach to music making and presentation.

An event planned, organized and designed by Champagne & Strawberries Events and Cal Creative Communication and team of professionals.

// TEAM:

Flowers Oly’s garden centre – weddings,

Sound & Light Audiovisual Services (fks) Ltd

Rental Equipment Success4Events

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