Midsummer Magic: A summer wedding under Papho’s Sun & Stars !


To create a relaxed ethereal celebration with a vintage modern influence, referencing the couples love in the style of the small traditional venue with vineyards in Paphos and a laid back relaxed evening celebration by the sea.


This amazing cool couple sought support from the team at Champagne & Strawberries to create the vision of their dreams. Both in the midst of setting up their own lifestyle enterprises they had a strong appreciation for thoughtful design and creativity yet they lacked the time to dedicate to their day.


One of the biggest perks of settling their wedding on a small traditional venue with vineyards is the scenic backdrop for their vows. Viklrari in Paphos, really takes advantage of its surroundings with an overlook deck that provides a complete, unobstructed view of the mountains and the sea.

With a picturesque setting like this, minimal decor was needed (really, nothing can outdo that view anyway), and both the couple and their guests got swept up in the beauty of the surroundings and the sentiment of the reason they were all there!

Taking in mind the feedback and the style of the couple, we haven’t worked against the decor, we embraced it. Exposed stone and rustic details have an unfinished charm that just work in a setting like this. Custom made napkins and handmade table numbers complement the tables cape.

Taking a cue from Mother Nature, we have incorporated the outdoors into their open-air civil ceremony space with garlands of greenery and flowers. A color palette of grey, yellow and white further complemented the organic aesthetic of their venue


We have created a magical wedding night under the stars at Atlántida Beach Bar located in Yeroskipou coastline by the sea. This beautifully location was ideal for what we wanted to create.


An amazingly beautiful path was designed for the couple to pass by and make their big “entrance” where the guests were waiting for them.

The set up included the beach bar, wooded summer furniture, high tables, white tends. The DJ was looking amazing under the tends and the wedding flower set up.

The rest is history..

..and they sang and danced and lived happily ever after!

The Champagne & Strawberries team sourced and managed a dream team of suppliers to bring their vision to life, overseeing the onsite build and ensuring the seamless flow of their cool wedding weekend.

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