Studio 54!

Studio 54 theme birthday celebration!

We have chosen Domus bar in Nicosia because the ambiance and overall interior design could help us complete the look of the night.

We have used various lighting, disco balls, illuminated round balls for the tables and candles to have the feel of Studio 54!

Various gold props like chandeliers, fridge curtains and décor details were complementing the concept.

The black and white collage in the wall were creating a retro disco atmosphere.

A VIP ROOM was also part of the theme and part of the mystery behind the closed doors of STUDIO 54!

An amazing illuminated STUDIO 54 sign was welcoming the guests and was placed in the entrance of the venue!


Concept Design and Planning by Champagne & Strawberries.
Decor details, table centerpeices, lighting design and props by Champagne & Strawberries.
Lighting and Rental Equipment by Soleas Uniorb, Venue Domous Lounge Bar Nicosia, Cyprus.

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