VIP Celebration 40th Birthday!

Champagne and Strawberries make your PARTY experience just a bit more
awesome! How about access to our last special VIP PARTY?

40th 3

40th 9


Champagne and Strawberries designed planned and coordinate a 40th Birthday celebration for Alex and Sylvia. We created a refined and elegant birthday celebration that incorporated our friend’s interests in a VIP Hollywood party atmosphere. Our friends wanted a day that was elegant yet eclectic; and to inject a little bit of surprise into the day!

The Highlight of the night was the live band and music set by 48 Hours who wowed the crowd. Well-known in Greece for its infectious grooves and distinctive performances, the 48 Hours turned the event into a memorable one.



Our ‘elegant’ design concept captured a black, white and red elegant aesthetic, with selective creative details styled alongside with more eclectic pieces.
Included customized podiums, photo wall, red carpet, lighting, and glass and candle details to warmth the space. We created hangover kits as gifts for the guests, customized passes for the entrance, centerpieces for the tables, 2 amazing light signs with the names of our “celebrities” Alex and Sylvia and of course a guest book table corner with all the relevant details.

40th 1

40th 8

Champagne and Strawberries arranged all the bookings and coordination with the venue and other suppliers (sound, lighting, photo booth, DJ etc) we have also made the necessary contacts, arrangements and booking for the live band that was part of the night entertainment, “48 Hours”!

40th 7

40th 10

Sending out many big thanks to all the people and partners for their effort and contribution. You helped us make this event a big success and a truly amazing birthday celebration! Photography Reverie Visuals, Occhio hospitality group, Dj mario Chrysanthou, Live Band 48 Ώρες | 48 Hours, TH.e.booth studio, Cake Design Georgia Karanikki, Graphic Designer George Hadjiloucas.

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