Creative, DIY-style Seating Arrangement

Creative, DIY-style weddings have really exploded in the past few years. The weddings featured on blogs and in magazines have so many handmade, quirky details you might wonder if there’s some sort of “Best DIY” prize in the offing. But if you ignore the competitive vibe and just focus on things that you love, there are great ideas to be found for your own celebration.

When I’m at a wedding (or let’s be honest, on one of those aforementioned wedding blogs), one of my favorite details to check out is the seating assignment: these days, there are so many creative and beautiful ways to direct guests to their seats. From punchy graphic posters to personalized props which hint at a theme, here are 15 of our favorites from around the web:

The way the light filters through this seating plan, written on a pair of old glass doors, works beautifully in the setting. From Archive Rentals.

sitting arrangement 1

This wedding featured Liberty print fabrics galore, and the seating chart is a simple vintage-frame-and-easel display. From Wedding Chicks.

sitting arrangement 2

Beautifully displayed on an old wooden door, this chart requires guests to open a small envelope to discover their table. From Style Me Pretty.

sitting arrangement 3

Guests’ names can be stuck into just about anything that goes with the wedding “theme”, as this farm-to-table display, from Style Me Pretty, proves.

sitting arrangement 4

Using photos of your guests is a great way to make things personal. This seating plan, found at Wedding Party, had guests take away their name cards, and replace them with a Polaroid photo of themselves for the couple to keep afterward.

sitting arrangement 7

For a photography-loving couple, this is a cute way to use old film canisters. From Style Me Pretty.

sitting arrangement 8

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