Drawing inspiration from still seas and the gorgeous colors found in coastlines around the world, this look is less about the beach and more about the ocean itself and the stunning textures and colors found within the sea.

As creative wedding planners we like to think outside the box a little, forget formal nautical stripes. Today we’re looking at how we can create a stunning day which is the epitome of pared back, natural elegance in combination with retro seaside chic.

To create our look, we’re using a stunning colour palette of sea foam green, dusky aqua and soft amethyst against a backdrop of sugar white with touches of purple and fuchsia. The palette is delicate yet impactful.

Stick to natural materials: smooth sea glass and white wood.

The end result is nature inspired yet entirely elegant. A soft look for a tranquil day vibe.



Peonies, Delphinium, Astilbe, Lily of the Valley, Wax flower, Freesia, Dendrobium, Ivy, Greeneries.


Create an aisle path that will lead to the beach with lanterns and candles in various sizes and heights and glass balls with candles hanging from metal hook sticks.

Use white vintage furniture and create different stations with cushions and pillows.

A nice touch will be to add Blue/Green transparent vases in different shapes with candles.

Smash Factor!

Teepee on the beach! Decorate Teepee tents with white chiffon fabrics, hanging flowers on the top and bottom along with cushions, candles and lanterns.


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